L George’s Coney Island

L George’s Coney Island


Product Description

In 1974, George Lucaj immigrated to the United States at the age of 16 from a small town in the mountains of Montenegro. George came to Detroit with his parents and 3 brothers. As he saw the opportunities this country had, he was determined to make a future for himself in America. His first job in America was working in Greektown at Hellas where his dream of becoming a restaurant owner began. George worked there for 3 years as a busboy and was determined to learn everything he could about the restaurant business with dreams of someday having his own. When George saw an opportunity to buy his first L.George’s on W. McNichols in Detroit he recruited his brothers for help. On March 14, 1979 the first L.George’s was opened by George and his brothers Kola and Dave. The success of their first restaurant encouraged George and his brothers to open additional restaurants.

They believe in fresh ingredients and courteous service. George, Kola and Dave come from a family where hospitality is a must and therefore they take that mentality and incorporate it into their business.
George was never afraid of risk and hard work, he was determined to make and sell good food at a great price. L.George’s has an extensive menu of everything from Coney Islands to Fettucini Alfredo. L.George’s of Walled Lake is restaurant number 12 for George and his brothers; however to George it feels like the very first one. L.George’s of Walled Lake and Canton are the only restaurants that are currently owned and operated by George and his family.

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