Product Description

As far as I remember, My wife and I always loved cooking – whether it was the exciting moments of our initial dating period to cook for each other or the gloomier moments to cheer up our family. Cooking was always an integral part of our life, but we never imagined that it would turn into a restaurant business! We cooked and promoted vegetarian food in the suburban’s of Detroit- especially among the homeless and charity homes for almost 14 years. We organized several events including “Colorfest Michigan” and “International Food festival” through our non-profit organization, Vegetarian Society of Michigan. In 2017, we had a food booth along with many other restaurants to raise awareness of Vegan food and were pleasantly surprised to see several more people lined up at our booth compared to others. This is where the idea of Veg-O-Rama was first got planted in our minds.

We got blessings from our dear spiritual master and parents to start Veg-O-Rama with only one condition – Only do it if you love serving people! We’ve never had a restaurant or even worked in one, so for us, it was always all new and we loved experimenting with cooking styles. We decided to create Indo-American fusion food, which will be loved by all irrespective of vegan, vegetarian or meat lover. We quickly agreed to make it an All American retro diner concept from 1950’s and that’s how the name “VEG-O-RAMA” was picked along with the entire set up from furniture to music except Food!

In November 2017, we opened our first restaurant in Ypsilanti. It was huge success. Within first couple of months, we appeared in top 15 restaurants in Ann Arbor. And later, within first year, we were among best burger restaurant per Detroit Hour magazine. 70% of our customers are actually meat lovers. The love and motivation from our customers encouraged us to open a second location in Canton, just the next year! We are hoping to continue serving our customers unique fusion food with care, love and the utmost respect.

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