Rose’s Restaurant & Lounge

Rose’s Restaurant & Lounge


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A long time ago in a little town called San Vittore, between Rome and Naples, Italy, a young boy of 13 named Guido left with his mother Francesca to come to America to join his father Ernest. Ernest was already settled in Detroit. He worked for Ford Motor Company and then opened a restaurant in Detroit on Alexander and McDougal called Ernesto’s. They bought a farm in Canton in 1941 and started using their produce to make their recipes.

When Guido was 22, he took a weekend trip to Brooklyn, New York. That is where he met Rose and it was love (amore) at first sight. She became his wife 1 year later in 1948. Rose moved to Canton, lived on the farm and worked at the restaurant. The restaurant was later sold to a church in 1965.

It was Guido’s dream to have a restaurant just like his father. He bought the land where Rose’s now stands in 1952 but passed away in 1988 before his dream was realized.

Rose and Guido had 3 sons, Ernest, Chris and Richard. They decided to carry out their Dad’s dream. They built the restaurant in 1993 and named it Rose’s after their mother. Rose began working here and shared her recipes. Rose was often seen rolling silverware on Friday and Saturday nights over the years before she passed in 2010. The restaurant has many family pictures on the walls just like Rose had in her home. We want you to feel like you are eating at our home.

Thank you for dining with the Costantino family and please join us again.

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